About me

About me

Growing up and having an appreciation for what you have, very important.  Caring about the earth through fashion is what berit's lilla is all about.

So who am I?  Let's begin. My name is Berit Lyssand and I have a love for making kids apparel. My parents were born in Europe and settled in California.  There they had six awesome, wild and media free children. Lol!  I was the middle child and quite shy.  Still am, doesnt change with age.  Growing up my mom stayed home with all us crazzies.  She handmade most of our clothing, even for our Gabbage Patch Kids. Go 80's!  I was quite embarrased as a tween when my mom took me to thift stores.  By high school I had all the cool gear from trifting and it wasn't such a big deal anymore. I created my own style and it inspired me in the world of fashion.

Then something amazing happened..I had my lovely daughter.  Having her at a young age motivated me to follow my dreams to be a children's designer.  I raised her, worked hard, attended school and now I'm here.

So now...

I handmake pieces that are vintage inspired, bring back childhood memories, and use ethical materials(vintage/natural). This means I design, create patterns, cut and sew with my two hands.  A lot of work and detail goes into each item.  I also take most of the photos, style shoots and sets. 

More than anything I want kids to be kids in my clothing.  Like when we use to wear dresses all the time!  I want kids to have their own individual style and be confident in my clothing.